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Building on our comprehensive modular Supercharger range available for the popular LS engine platform, the new H2650i is designed as a direct replacement for the factory LSA1900 Supercharger. The new lower manifold incorporates the highly efficient TVS2650 rotating group from Eaton and is engineered to utilise the factory LSA lid, fuel rails and sensors. Retaining a factory look whilst giving 1200hp + capability will appeal to both HSV purists and engineered LSA engine swap owners alike, wanting to retain the LSA engine look and keep their upgrades discrete.

LSA H2650i Key Features:


  • Harrop designed lower manifold incorporates TVS2650 rotating group proven to be 1200+hp capable

  • Bypass Air is Intercooled to reduce heat circulation and further improve IAT’s
  • Billet drive assembly runs LSA secondary belt FEAD allowing a wide range of pulley combinations
  • Throttle body adaptor is separate from the input drive and allows fitment of up to 103mm throttle body 
  • Optional Harrop o-ringed thermal manifold insulators remove heat transfer through manifold to cylinder head contact
  • Integrates with the Harrop CAI and utilises factory LSA lid, intercooler, fuel rails and all factory sensors




  • HSV Gen-F LSA
  • LSA engine variants

H2650i LSA HSV Gen-F

allow up to 6 weeks, kit built upon order.
  • Note

    • Optional extras include Intake, Belt , Supercharger Pulley, Thermal manifold insulators and Injectors which are not included in the kit extras which can be defined at time of order.
    • Largest top supercharger pulley available is 90mm
    • Photo for illustrative purposes only kit content will vary depending on what is ordered.
    • Price listed is Supply only & does not include freight.
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