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Lever latch ratchet 5 point harness SFI approved. This is a 5-point harness with a traditional latch/link style buckle assembly, ideally suited for high-impact motorsport i.e Stockcars and Superstocks. Perfect for speedway or other classes requiring SFI 16.1 approval. The harness has a ratchet on the lap belt to maintain or adjust tension throughout an event. A 1/4" ratchet spanner is required (not included) and can be fixed in or removed via a grub screw. Supplied with ratchet on the left side (ratchet down) or lap belts can be flipped for ratchet on the right side (ratchet up).

Available with either a 3-inch shoulder or 2-inch shoulder for Frontal Head Restraints.

The SFI 16.1 labels state "Valid Until" followed by a date 2 years from now. Our current stock is Valid Until Jun 2024. 

Colour black only.

Lever Latch Ratchet 5-point Harness - SFI Approved

  • Specifications

    Common Applications Stockcars, Superstocks
    Weight 3.3kg
    Harness Technical
    Homologation SFI 16.1 (2 year life)
    Fastener Lever latch
    Shoulder Strap 3" (75mm) wide
    Lap Strap 3" (75mm) wide
    Crutch Strap 2" (50mm) wide
    Shoulder Strap Length 67" (1700mm) fully extended
    Fittings Snap hooks wrapped in on all straps (ratchet has permanent bolt-in fixing)
    Hardware Ratchet for tensioning/adjustment
    4x 7/16" UNF eye bolts included
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