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The top-of-the-line 6-point harness with 50mm (2") shoulder straps over the HANS/FHR device. This harness is FIA approved, but only when used correctly in conjunction with a HANS/FHR device. Features 75mm (3") lap straps and 50mm (2") crutch straps, which lock in via a 'T' bar to the lightweight cam-lock. Includes snap-hooks, eye-bolts and instructions for mounting in your vehicle. Snap-hooks can be removed to allow wrap-style fixing to your rollcage or harness bar. Please tick the box (above) to add backing/stress plates to your order.

Featuring lightweight, smooth-sliding alloy adjusters on both the shoulder and lap belts, this harness weighs just 3.0kg.

2022 stock, not valid for FIA-approved use after 2027.

Magnum 6-point FHR Lightweight Harness - FIA Approved

  • Specifications

    Common Applications Professional circuit and rally where a HANS/FHR device is worn.
    Weight 3.0kg
    Harness Technical
    Homologation FIA 8853/2016 (5 year life)
    Fastener Cam-lock (fixed to crutch straps)
    Shoulder Strap 3" (75mm), down to 2" (50mm) over HANS/FHR device
    Lap Strap 3" (75mm) wide
    Crutch Strap 2" (50mm) wide
    Shoulder Strap Length 67" (1700mm) fully extended
    Lap Strap Length 830mm fully extended
    Crutch Strap Length 820mm fully extended
    Fittings 6x snap-hooks
    Hardware 6x 7/16" UNF eye bolts
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