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We make our own cushions to allow for drivers to better fit in some seats. The cushion set is made up of:

Head Restraint Pads: Additional cushion pads to reduce the width and add protection to the head restraint of Racetech seats. Sold as a pair.

Side Cushions: A pair of side cushions for Racetech seats. Improves fitting for those with those with smaller hips and thighs. This pair makes a seat approximately 30mm narrower in the thigh area, while also providing extra energy absorption in an impact. Uses Velcro to fix to the sides of the seat and can be repositioned as required.

Lumbar Cushion: Provides extra padding and support to the lumbar area of your back. Can be used as padding in other areas of the seat also. Comes with sewn-in Velcro strips for positioning into your seat. Racetech logo in white embroidery. See Specifications tab for dimensions.

Kidney Cushions: A pair of cushions, one for each kidney as a means of extra support and padding. Comes with Velcro on the back to locate these in the optimal position on the seat. Embroidered Racetech logo in white is standard.

Cushions can also be purchased separately.

Racetech Cushion Set

  • Specification

    Dimensions Head: 250 x 150 x 15mm (each cushion)
    Side: 450 x 150 x 15mm (each cushion)
    Lumbar: 310 x 160 x 30mm
    Kidney: 250 x 150 x 15mm (each cushion)
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