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We've taken our most popular seat, and given it the chop. The RT4119W (Wide) and RT4119WT (Wide and Tall) seats are based on the existing RT4119WHR and RT4119WTHR, but with the head restraints removed for improved visibility and access in a 'track day' type vehicle. This seat retains our unique, patented, back mount design to give the driver ultimate support and a 'feel' of the chassis not available in basic floor-mounted seats. Customise your seat further with low base cushions or add side cushions for support in the thigh area. These 119 seats without head restraints are not FIA homologated, but they are built using the same proven techniques and lamination as those that have passed the FIA tests.


RT4119HRWStandard size, FIA approved
RT4119THRTall size, FIA approved
RT4119WHR Wide size, FIA approved
RT4119WTHR Wide-tall size, FIA approved
RT9119HRWLightweight, Standard size, FIA approved
RT9119THRLightweight, Tall size, FIA approved
RT9119WTHRLightweight, Wide-tall size, FIA approved



RT4119W Racing Seat

PriceFrom $2,519.99
  • Features

    • FIA 8855-1999 Homologation
    • Back mount capable
    • Cool air ducting
    • Removable back and base cushions
    • Variety of sizes to suit almost all-comers
    • Lightweight Kevlar/carbon option available
    • Shell weight from 4.5kg
  • 119 Series

    RT4119HRW Standard size, FIA approved
    RT4119THR Tall size, FIA approved
    RT4119WHR  Wide size, FIA approved
    RT4119WTHR  Wide-tall size, FIA approved
    RT9119HRW Lightweight, Standard size, FIA approved
    RT9119THR Lightweight, Tall size, FIA approved
    RT9119WTHR Lightweight, Wide-tall size, FIA approved
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