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Building upon the successful 129 series, Racetech offers the same ergonomic form and incredible feature set but in a lighter and more affordable package. Used by many professional teams at both national and international level. This is the lightweight version, made from a precise recipe of carbon and Kevlar hybrid matting to achieve shell weights as little as 4.5kg! There are four sizes available; standard, wide, tall and wide-tall. Customise your seat further with low base cushions or add side cushions for support in the thigh area. The 9119 series seats (except the WHR) are compliant with FIA 8855-1999 standards*.

* To comply with FIA 8855-1999, the 119 series seats must be back-mounted to the rollcage at shoulder level. Back-mounting can be achieved using parts RTB2115B and RTB2005C, see instructions here. Back-mounting improves seat strength and stability during an impact, increases driver 'feel' and reduces driver fatigue

RT9119HRW - Lightweight Racing Seat

PriceFrom $6,189.99
  • Features

    • FIA 8855-1999 Homologation
    • Back mount capable
    • Cool air ducting
    • Removable back and base cushions
    • Variety of sizes to suit almost all-comers
    • Lightweight Kevlar/carbon option available
    • Shell weight from 4.5kg
  • 119 Series

    RT4119HRW Standard size, FIA approved
    RT4119THR Tall size, FIA approved
    RT4119WHR  Wide size, FIA approved
    RT4119WTHR  Wide-tall size, FIA approved
    RT9119HRW Lightweight, Standard size, FIA approved
    RT9119THR Lightweight, Tall size, FIA approved
    RT9119WTHR Lightweight, Wide-tall size, FIA approved
  • Motorsport Professionals

    "The ergonomics of the Racetech seat are the best I have ever had, the superior design provides the highest levels of strength and protection giving me the absolute confidence I need when racing.

    Greg Murphy, V8 touring car legend 

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