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Racetech mill-finish 5083 aluminium bracket for side-mounting seats. 5mm thick. Sold as a pair.

Fits the following seat models:

  • RT4009, RT4009W
  • RT4009HR, RT4009THR, RT4009WHR, RT4009WTHR
  • RT4100, RT4100T, RT4100WT, RT4100HR, RT4100THR, RT4100WTHR
  • RT9009, RT9009HR
  • RT4119HRW, RT4119THR, RT4119WHR, RT4119WTHR
  • RT9119HR, RT9119HRW, RT9119THR, RT9119WHR, RT9119WTHR
  • RT4129HRW, RT4129WHR, RT4129WTHR
  • RT9129HRW, RT9129THR, RT9129WHR, RT9129WTHRL

RTB1009M - Alloy Side Brackets

  • Specification

    Weight 0.62kg each
    Material 5mm alloy (5083)
    Hole Spacing (Seat) Nom: 295mm
    Min: 290mm
    Max: 300mm
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