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The Racetech Super-low Base Cushion is only 15mm thick and allows the driver to sit 30mm lower in the seat compared to the standard base cushion. Designed for 129 series seats, but will fit in 119 and 229 seats also. Please select the Wide version if you have a W, WHR or WTHR seat.

Please note this is a two piece cushion set (moulded front profile & flat rear section).

Designed for:

  • RT4129HRW, RT4129WHR, RT4129WTHR
  • RT9129HRW, RT9129THR, RT9129WHR, RT9129WTHRL

Will also fit:

  • RT4119W, RT4119WT
  • RT4119HRW, RT4119WHR, RT4119WTHR
  • RT9119HR, RT9119THR, RT9119WHR, RT9119WTHR
  • RT4229HRW, RT4229WTHR

Super-Low Base Cushion Set

PriceFrom $189.99
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